The Remixes Some People Make

Digital Released On: Aug 03, 2011
Released By: G Records

release description

NYC's indie-minded pop head-turner Madison dropped her debut release The Noise Some People Make (the first EP in a four part series) in January on her own G Records imprint. Since then she's been rounding up a handful of notable remixers for the forthcoming remix record, The Remixes Some People Make (out August 9th). She recently dropped a searing remix of "Hot Hot Love" by Oli Chang, which was quickly endorsed by NME and NYLON. RCRD LBL premiered Keegan DeWitt Wild Cub's dancefloor-ready remix of "Lights Low" as well. This digital DJ promo also features seven additional remixes (including five bonus versions) by Remix Artist Collective, Richie Daring, Kids at the Bar, Doctor Rosen Rosen, Female,

The Girls Can Hear Us
, and DJ Teenwolf.