On A Mission Album DJ Promo

Digital Released On: Sep 09, 2011
Released By: Columbia Records / Rinse

release description

Casually warm and brimming with girlish confidence, she is the embodiment of raving Britain grown up on neo-soul" — Fader

"a genre-spanning pop singer who isn't tied down to a single thing" — Pitchfork

Out September 13th (US), Katy B's On A Mission is a fusion of underground beats, pop hooks, and soulful sophistication. 21 year old Katy B has taken the UK by storm with her debut album, landing the #2 spot on the charts (only behind the juggernaut that is Adele's 21). Her classic underground breakout anthem "Katy On A Mission" contains a lurching, slashing, nasty rhythm, somewhere between dubstep and grime. An evocation of both the pleasure and the danger at the heart of the best club nights out. And, crucially, a girl's voice.

While the album's beats hail from her stellar cast of producers, which includes her mentor Geeneus (co-owner of the legendary London pirate radio station Rinse FM in East London, where Katy B's sound was nurtured), Zinc, Benga and Benny ill (Horsepower Productions), as well as extra-curricular guest spots with Magnetic Man, the songs are all Katy's own work.

Katy comments on her album, "it's me; just as a young woman, partying, relationships... the album's definitely where I'm coming from. Tracks like 'Disappear' and 'Easy Please Me' are all experiences in my life and emotions that I've felt. I love Jill Scott because her lyrics are beautiful, but always telling a simple story, in a clever way. When someone writes about love you want to be able to relate to it."

Catch Katy B's album release show performance at The Studio at Webster Hall, NYC on Tuesday, 9/13.