''Void Of A Legend''

CD-Single Released On: Aug 25, 2011
Released By: LIP Label 14

release description

Singer-songwriter Antoniette Costa's single "Void of a Legend" with cellist/beatboxer Kevin Olusola is a mix of soul, hip-hop and classical. After seeing the YouTube sensation's "Julie-O" video, Costa knew right away that he could interpret a powerfully unique version of the track. She was soon introduced by a mutual friend, and the two hit it off.

"We met up in New York City a few times and jammed in my apartment with an audience of a few friends. There was an immediate musical chemistry," says Antoniette. "'Void of a Legend' is the perfect fit as I believe he is capable of becoming a music legend."

This isn't the first collaboration for Antoniette. While living in Philadelphia, she caught the attention of The Roots A&R and rapper Dice Raw who invited her to an impromptu session. She became part of the musical family and began writing/recording tracks such as "Ready To Make It Work," where she was joined by Questlove and James Poyser of The Roots and backed by Kindred the Family Soul. This is only a taste of what's to come from this talented new artist.



"Beatboxing cellist teams up with amazing singer-songwriter to make beautiful music" — CBS News The Feed

"You really have to experience it to understand how well it works. The talent here sells itself..." — Okayplayer