The Art of Influence

Album Released On: Oct 05, 2011
Released By: Rhythm & Culture

release description

Second Sky's debut album The Art of Influence is a journey into the mind of songwriter Billy Medina as he translates experience and emotion into sonic worlds of introspection and discovery. Bassist Wes Dilorio and drummer/producer Bill Lascek-Speakman set the scene with lush soundscapes, dusty hip-hop beats and dynamic musical passages.

While rooted in trip-hop and dub, The Art of Influence pulls inspiration from the past, present, future, and a variety of international influences. The opening track, "Dragonfly", begins like the morning sun rising over the river Ganges. "Under the Line" harkens back to 1970s soul, while the instrumental "Sundowner" draws upon strong afrobeat rhythms, suggesting the notion of a crowded street scene or packed dance floor. Deeper into the album, "A Hundred Million Sounds" features sitarist Harry Payuta, whose ability to seamlessly meld Indian classical music with Western sensibility adds a new layer to the band's already eclectic sound.

Overall, each of the eleven songs that comprise The Art of Influence entices us to travel within and without ourselves, tasting flavors of the world in a way that is equally personal as it is universal.

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