More Beautiful Than Silence

EP Released On: Jan 24, 2012
Released By: A&M/Octone Records

release description

Critically acclaimed Hip Hop MC and singer/songwriter K'NAAN has just released his new EP titled, More Beautiful Than Silence, on A&M/Octone Records. The release includes five new tracks including the single "Is Anybody Out There" featuring Nelly Furtado, as well as "Nothing to Lose" with Nas and "Better" produced by Ryan Tedder.

Wrapping his world tour for his acclaimed sophomore album Troubadour in the fall of 2010, K'NAAN has since been hard at work in the studio. The dynamic 5 tracks featured on this EP gives a taste of the diverse sound that they have come to know the artist for, while highlighting the expansive sonic direction K'NAAN has explored writing and recording over the last year.

The globally celebrated hip-hop artist made a powerful mark on the music world with his acclaimed debut release, Dusty Foot Philosopher, and sophomore album,

Troubadour. With his eloquent and thought-provoking lyrics, K'NAAN has carved a new path that widened the traditional hip-hop music perspective.