Good For You Records DJ Promo

Digital Released On: Feb 15, 2012
Released By: Good For You Records

release description

DJ/producer Justin Schumacher and NYC celebrity DJ/producer Kenny Summit come together to form a new production outfit, Goddam Kids, dropping "Departed," which features two mixes that showcase both their unique styles. Schumacher's Mix brings a thick rhythmic groove and almost disco house feel with some catchy vocal samples. Summit brings that same energy and flow to his Live From Brooklyn Mix, along with crowd noises and subtle synth changes. The vibe is a soulful house dancefest. Also forthcoming on Good For You Records is Schumacher's new solo single, "It's Because" which has a tough, full-bodied rhythm section, a bouncy bass groove and splashy synth hits. Summit adds his own brand of funkiness to his Edit rendition, with a slightly smoother touch. The dance-abilty factor on this one is high and the catchy rhythmic hook makes this cut a must-have.