40° of Sunshine

Album  Released On: Jul 10, 2012
Released By: Nat Geo Music

release description

Parisian groove theorists Bibi Tanga and The Selenites return in 2012 with 40° of Sunshine, their second release for the Nat Geo Music label. 40° of Sunshine was recorded in the studio after a two month African tour, and it's the group's most warm, relaxed and deeply poetic recording yet.

Bibi explains of the title track, "'40° of Sunshine' takes some poetic license. It's a story that imagines what would happen if alcohol were replaced by liquid sunshine; 40 ounces of bottled sunshine."

A relaxed, collective approach paid off with funky synchronicities and poetic couplings on tracks like "Poet of the Soul" - built around a slippery funk groove married to lines from poet Walt Whitman's masterpiece "Leaves of Grass" - and "Laughing Song" - based around a poem by canonical English poet William Blake. "Banda a gui koua" introduces guest singer Emma Lamadji, who appears on seven of the album's tracks. One track, "My Heart Is Jumping," has a darker backstory than the rest, as Bibi recounts: "the track is built around Professeur Inlassable's loops of an obscure 1930s recording, which had a woman singing the words, 'my heart is jumping.' Two days after le Professeur made the loop he had a little heart attack of his own.

40° of Sunshine is such a surprising and satisfying listen - you never know where your head will roam, but your feet will always be firmly planted on the dancefloor.

Show Dates:

7/22 - New York City @ Summerstage w/ Orchestre Poly-Rythmo & SMOD

7/26 - Los Angeles @ Zanzibar (Afro Funke Listening Party)

7/28 - Los Angeles @ Grand Performances w/ Breakstra