''My Heart Is Jumping'' Remixes

Digital Released On: Aug 07, 2012
Released By: Nat Geo Music

release description

Parisian groove theorists Bibi Tanga & The Selenites return with 40° of Sunshine, the group's most warm, relaxed and deeply poetic recording yet. This digital DJ promo includes "My Heart Is Jumping" from the album with a space disco remix by Captain Planet, and Mat Schreyer's version with Computer Jay. "My Heart Is Jumping" has a darker backstory than the rest, as Bibi recounts: "the track is built around [collaborator] Professeur Inlassable's loops of an obscure 1930s recording, which had a woman singing the words, 'my heart is jumping.' Two days after le Professeur made the loop he had a little heart attack of his own. On 40° of Sunshine, the Selenites are tighter than ever, and Bibi stresses that, "this record is an even more collective effort than the previous one." It's this kind of creative embrace that makes the album such a surprising and satisfying listen - you never know where your head will roam, but your feet will always be firmly planted on the dancefloor.