Angels & Demons

CD-Single Released On: Aug 22, 2012
Released By: Bloom In June

release description

Armed with quality lyricism and a delivery more akin to his American counterparts, UK-based rapper Adian Coker is ready to make his mark on both sides of the pond beginning with the release of "Angels & Demons" from his forthcoming mixtape. Coker takes the roles of rapper, producer and songwriter into his own hands resulting in a sound that will undoubtedly make a mark in the industry.

"I wrote the song about a year ago," states Coker. "I remember having written the strings led intro and then adding the drums and guitar. It sounded so raw. So there was a really massive contrast between the two sections. Smooth vs. edgy, light vs dark. Angels and demons."



"'Angels & Demons' leads with a riff similar to Lez Zeppelin's famous 'Kashmir,' alongside subtle synths and almost militant drums, as Coker unrolls a dry, lyrical, deliberate flow." — SoulCulture