Compliments Of The Mysterious Phantom

CD Released On: Apr 22, 2003
Released By: Hyena Records

release description

A recently discovered "live" concert recording from November 5th, 1974 at the backdoor in San Diego, CA, multi-instrumentalist, sightless seeker, jazz preacher, hipster sage and American music legend, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, transcended; spinning manic, impassioned tenor saxophone diatribes, giving up the funk on lowdown, heavy flute romps and blowin' three horns simultaneously. The words old time religion come to mind. It was as he declared: "B-L-A-C-K-N-U-S-S." If you never saw Rahsaan "live" - Compliments of the Mysterious Phantom is as close as" you're ever gonna get. Discover his Imperial Rahsaaness!!!