Soulsinger - The Revival

CD  Released On: May 06, 2003
Released By: LeSun Music

release description

Ledisi''s debut album, "Soulsinger," perfectly illustrates the difference between timeless soul music and of-the-minute disposable R. Ledisi has the powerful and versatile voice of a young Chaka Khan and she pairs her positive leaning songs with funky jazz-flavored beats supplied by her band Anibade. Working with musical partner and keyboardist Sundra, the pair set up LeSun music that has successfully written, produced, recorded and engineered music for films and television as well as other artists.

Ledisi's fans are drawn to her electrifying, soul-stirring performances. "Soulsinger" abounds with catchy songs that promote ideas like independence and self-confidence. Catchy melodic songs like "Get Outta My Kitchen," "Take Time" and "You are My Friend" have messages that push people to elevate their souls.