ABC Music - Radio 1 Sessions

CD Released On: Apr 08, 2003
Released By: Koch Records

release description

A fitting tribute and a fine survey of the band's pneumatic bubblegum: sweet pop stripped to its fundamental throb and melancholy" - Rolling Stone

"Strange Fruit has just released a massive collection of Stereolab performances on BBC's Radio One spanning their decade long career (1991 to 2001), and the 32 tracks on this double CD are an exciting and exhaustive glimpse at the "groop's" evolution. Included are four songs originally released on the now out-of-print "Too Pure: The Peel Sessions" and live cuts. With the exception of seven tracks from a John Peel session intentionally left off (manager Martin Pike explained that there just wasn't enough room), this is a complete compilation of their BBC recordings. Highly Recommended" - Other Music