Enter The MoWo!

CD Released On: Apr 06, 2004
Released By: Hyena Records

release description

Adam Dorn thinks in jazz. As his alter-ego Mocean Worker, Dorn displays the musical passion and talent that naturally pulses through his veins. Dorn is a mere 32 years old, but his musical beginnings go back much further to the early 80's where he played bass on a Double Dee and Steinski record at 16 and worked on albums for luminaries like Miles Davis and Luther Vandross by the tender age of 18. Enter the MoWo! is the fourth Mocean Worker album but it is the first on which Dorn gets to be himself and truly express all the rhythms bubbling inside of his head. Growing up with a producer dad, Dorn had the unique childhood experience of hanging around with jazz heavyweights like Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Charles Mingus and Eddie Harris, learning and absorbing from these cool cats. Enter The MoWo! is made almost entirely with live instruments. Dorn doesn't need a sampler to make his funky new-jazz beats " he knows how to do the real thing thanks to a life filled with music. Though studio wizardry allows a Nina Simone sample to appear along with a vicious flute battle lifted from bygone recordings from Rahsaan Roland Kirk, MoWo is pure music, made in the most organic way possible. Fans of St. Germain, Mr. Scruff and Llorca will instantly dig the retro stylings and jazzy mood of the Mocean Worker sound.