CD Released On: Apr 06, 2004
Released By: Wide Hive

release description

The British soul music bible/magazine Straight No Chaser called Variable Unit "the most talented band the States has to offer." URB magazine called the Wide Hive label one of the Next 100 to watch in 2004. With endorsements like that, it's time to listen up. Variable Unit is not merely a band, it's a community of like minded souls dedicated to merging hip-hop, downtempo, rock and soul music. Though the personnel varies from time to time, VU consistently makes music with deep feeling, meaningful lyrics and organic sounds made by real instruments and musicians. Ismail Azeem contributes the slaying and thought-provoking raps on Mayhemystics. Tracks like "Break it Down," "Rebel Music" and "Liberation" are powerful cuts that give depth to the experience of modern living and the provocative poetry is backed by powerful beats and rhythms.