Strange Flower

CD Released On: May 11, 2004
Released By: Naked Music

release description

The Naked Music label was launched in 1999 to release forward-thinking urban soul music to the world. Their signature smooth grooves are heard on dance floors around the world and we're sure you'll be hearing a lot about their latest star, Aya. She is known widely as the sultry voice heard on the worldwide hit "Sweeter Love," a cut created under label owner Jay Denes' Blue Six moniker. On Strange Flower, Aya's debut album, her uniquely beautiful voice floats on a river of delicate grooves and textures - sure to please in bedrooms and dancefloors alike. In the past, Aya has worked with such notables as Lenny Kravitz, Sweetback and The Pharcyde. Strange Flower is her solo trip and the spotlight is already shining on this future star. Her deeply personal voice is sure to move you.