City Limits

CD Released On: Mar 23, 2004
Released By: Third Earth Music

release description

Seven piece NYC hip hop collective Dujeous (pronounced doo-gee-us) have just dropped their first album, City Limits, after numerous singles and over 10 years of ripping up live venues across the globe. The band, featuring 3 MCs, a bassist, guitar player, trumpeter and drummer, have honed their multi-genre fusion of reggae, rock and jazz all through the common language of hip hop. Already well known in hip hop circles backing artists such as the X-ecutioner's Rob Swift, Dujeous have successfully crafted an album that puts their "get live" energy in your face with genuine old school flair. The name Dujeous is a self-imposed synonym for "dope, good indescribable stuff" and within their City Limits you couldn't really ask for a more simple yet apt description.