Bebel Gilberto

CD Released On: Jun 08, 2004
Released By: Ziriguiboom / Six Degrees Records

release description

...her concert was akin to gliding along a conveyor belt through pastures of lush harmonies and sunny melodies that embody the essence of a breezy summer night. And audience members often had the right idea by sitting and letting her lilting music wash over them like lapping waves...Midway through her second song, a friend leaned over and said, "She's kind of like a Brazilian Sade, isn't she?" Yes, she is." - Boston Globe

With the release of her first album, Tanto Tempo, in 2000 and a remix volume issued a year later, Bebel Gilberto introduced the world to an important new voice. Selling a million copies worldwide and holding it's own on the Billboard World chart for over 75 weeks, Gilberto had a cultural phenomenon on her hands.

On her new disc, Bebel Gilberto, Bebel reveals herself as an artist with a distinctive sound and voice evolving into one all her own. Although she shared credit for half of the songs on Tanto Tempo, she wrote or co-wrote no fewer than 9 of the 12 songs on Bebel Gilberto. The overall sound of the album is a departure from the electronic nature of Bebel's previous work. Predominantly based on acoustic instrumentation with only subtle touches of electronics, the arrangements manage to give a simultaneous impression of sophistication and simplicity. They provide a perfect framework for Bebel's unique voice, which sounds warmer, more intimate and more soulful than ever.

Joining her on stage at Town Hall will be Pedro "Baby" Gomes and Masa Shimizu on guitars, Paulo Levi on flute. David Boyle on keyboards, Davi Viera on percussion and Magrus on drums.

The offspring of famed artists Joao Gilberto and Miucha, Bebel Gilberto's life has been deeply steeped in traditional Brazilian music. Despite a respect and talent for her culture's signature sounds, Gilberto refuses to make music that fits within the lines. Her second album bears her name since it's a more accurate reflection of Bebel as an artist coming into her own voice. Marrying acoustic instrumentation with touches of electronics, Bebel Gilberto is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Produced by Marius de Vries, a mastermind who has worked with Madonna, Bjork and Annie Lennox in the past, Bebel is emerging as a unique global voice.