Jazzanova ... Mixing

CD Released On: Jul 06, 2004
Released By: Sonar Kollektiv

release description

Jazzanova featuring DJ Set by Jürgen von Knoblauch (Sonar Kollektiv, Berlin) + DJ Simon S (Break Reform, UK - NY Debut) + Live set from Ayro Ubiquity/Omoa Music/Compost) at Rare, NY

Thursday, July 1st

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lebrate the release of Jazzanova's new album ...Mixing. Jürgen is a member of Jazzanova, the Berlin-based production collective united by a love of deep jazz sounds. He will be going toe to toe with Simon, a member of the UK group Break Reform known for his searing hip-hop and soul-filled sets. The party will also feature a live performance by Ayro, a US pioneer raising the stakes in live electronic music with his real time performances full of broken beat, funk and soul.