GPWW: 2/08/2013 Box Of Delights

Online Released On: Feb 08, 2013
Released By: Somthin Else

release description

DJ Day – W-E –L-O-V-E (White)
Tall Black Guy – Signs And Wonders (Tall Black Guy Productions)
Benny Golson – I’m Always Dancin To The Music (BlackShag Edit) (Test)
Jimmy Smith Feat. Beastie Boys – Root Down (The Reflex Assembly Mix) (Kat)
Blood, Sweat & Tears – Spinning Wheel (The Reflex Revision) (Kat)
Earth, Wind & Fire – Shining Star (The Reflex Revision) (Kat)
Moire Feat. Lessons & Heidi Vogel – Lose It (Ninja Tune)
Anthony Valdez – Beings (Edit) (White)
LeFtO – Viva Africa (White)
Donso – Jugu (Baconhead Remix) (Comet)
Def Sound – Till Allah AKA Hallelujah Roughtho (White)
Jus Now Feat. Neval Chatelal – Jouvay (Gutterfunk)
Alka Yagnik – Choli K Peeche (Sony)
Onra – A New Dynasty (All City)
Carmen Rivero – Cumbia Del Monte (Monk-One Edit) (Catronics)
Cumbia Comejen - Cumbias y Gaitas de Colombia (Tiger’s Milk Records)
Boogaloo Assasins – No No No (White)
The Lions – Padre Ichiro Feat. Malik Moore (Stones Throw)
Kalbata - Little John Prisoner In Love (White)
Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo – UFO Paradise (All City)
William Adamson – Under And East Coast Moon (Discomix) (Brownswood)
Everything Everything – Arc (Sony RCA)
How To Dress Well – World I need You, Won’t Be Without You (Proem) (Acephale)
Liane Carroll – Here’s to Life (Quiet Money Recordings)
A/T/O/S – A Taste Of Struggle (Deep Medi)
RocketNumber9 and Four Tet – Roseland (Text)
Elements Of Life – This Is Us (Vega Records)
Osunlade – Satellite Beneatth The Stars (Yoruba Records)
Ambient Jazz Ensemble – Jazz Face (Simbad Rainy Day Remix) (Here And Now Recordings)
Roy Porter – Jessica (Vistone Records)
Soil & Pimp – Summer Doddess (Son Of Goddess Version) (Brownswood)
Super Best Friend’s Club – SOAMIMETOO (Self-Released)