The New Mixes Vol. 1

CD Released On: Jul 13, 2004
Released By: Concord Records

release description

With a career spanning six decades legendary producer, Quincy Jones brings us never-before released material from two cds. Back when the tunes came fast and the musicians were anonymous, Quincy Jones, and his friend Bill Cosby pulled together a group of jazz session musicians and recorded the music for the 1969 NBC sitcom, "The Bill Cosby Show." Nurturing the musicians' freestyle abilities produced what is now, The Original Jam Sessions 1969, showcasing the talents of such celebrated players as Ray Brown, Herb Ellis, Jimmy Smith, Milt Jackson, Arthur Adams and others. Recently discovered by Quincy during an office move, the tapes of the original jams1 dusty grooves have been wiped down and mopped up only to uncover the nasty six-strings, funky rhythmic beds of backbeats and groovy bass lines that are so phat they make Fat Albert look skinny!The second masterpiece features new mixes by DJ heavyweights such as Herbert, Mix Master Mike, Mario Caldato, Jr., Bedrock (John Digweed & Nick Muir) and Cornershop, The New Mixes, Vol. I artfully stir up yesterday's classic retro-soul with today's tightest grooves. Check out the label1s hilarious ecard featuring footage of folks gettin down to the show1s theme song, Hikky-Burr.