Mr. Johnnie Walker (Limited Edition)

7" Released On: Feb 08, 2005
Released By: Giant Step Records

release description

It's fitting that Giant Step would release the new single from old-school sounding singer Tiombe Lockhart on a 7-inch slab of vinyl. The young lady from Brooklyn has an old soul and a style that will garner comparisons to Billie Holliday and Nina Simone while she defines a modern clean sound, already making waves with collaborative projects. She is one of the sultry voices featured on the upcoming album from Detroit darlings Platinum Pied Pipers (listen to the divine "Stay with Me") and has worked with Bilal, The Saint and Living Legends. In fact, soul man Bilal produced "Mr Johnnie Walker" for Tiombe Lockhart and the track will be featured on Giant Step's second installment of 'Simply Good Music,' the label's series aimed at introducing the unsuspecting public to the deep music out there that flies under the mainstream radar.