12" Released On: Sep 27, 2004
Released By: ObliqSound

release description

In 1999, Leo was the first winner of the Montreux Jazz Festival International Piano Solo Competition and was invited to give a solo performance on the main stage of the festival the following year. For that event, he concieved under the name GrandPianoramax an original repertoire blending classical impressionist heritage and elements inspired by today's computer generated and remixed music, in a live, solo piano and all acoustic rendition.

He then explored this repertoire in duo with different drummers, as a way to add dynamics and interaction while keeping the harmonic and formal freedom of the original project. To broaden his sonic possibilities, he also integrated various electric and vintage analogic keyboards. Finally, an encounter and perfomance with Jojo Mayer in New York defined the actual direction of the duo: an eclectic, nu-jazz oriented live set ranging from ambient impressionist constructions to hybrid broken beats improvisations.

To keep an organic quality, the duo performs in an all live setting (no laptop or sequencer), at the most using occasionnally a looper to re-record some elements in real time. Leo's GrandPianoramax was recorded for the New York-based label "ObliqSound", with the drummers Jojo Mayer and Ferenc Nemeth (2002 Monk Institute winner). The album will be released during the fall 2004.