Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band

CD Released On: Oct 05, 2004
Released By: Ninja Tune

release description

Manchester, England was dubbed 'Madchester' during a wild era back in the day but a few innovative artists busting out of the industrial city are keeping the nickname intact. By creating wild sounds that harken back to the city's fertile days, Fingathing join the ranks of hometown boys Mr Scruff and Rae and Christian and Ninja Tune is allowing the U.S. to get a dose of their space age hip-hop with a new compilation of their finest works to date, nicely packaged as the two CD set "Time Capsule." The dynamic duo consists of Peter Parker and Sneaky and a mysterious supporting cast known as the Big Red Nebula Band. Their music is alluring and strange but anyone who has caught them live knows that they form a party around turntables, mics and a bass hooked in to a sound system through the wonders of modern technology. Full of breaks, groovy dance floor melodies and wiring wizardry, Fingathing's music injects sorely needed soul in to the sleepy world of electronic music and it will make bodies boogie and souls rise up in to the futuristic galaxy where Fingathing rocks the lunar discotheque all night long.