GPWW: 5/24/13 Worldwide Family Mixtape w/ Hiatus Kaiyote

Online Released On: May 24, 2013
Released By: Somthin Else

release description

Sly5thAve & The Family Stone – B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe (White)
Webster Wraight Ensemble – Nature And Light (Boundee)
Jameszoo – Poek (Rwina)
Tigran Hamasyan – Road Song (LV Remix) (White)
Ino Hidefumi – Green Tea (Innocent Record)
Mary Lou Williams – It Ain’t Necessarily So (Universal Music)
Quasimoto – Seasons Change (Stones Throw) (Seasons Change)
Shola Ama – Boyfriend (Toddla T Sound Remix) (White)
Ghostpoet – Cold Win (PIAS)
Ras G - HouseParty 1 (VHS Bootleg Version) (Leaving Records/Stones Throw)
Ras G - Bell Beez Record (Leaving Records/Stones Throw)
Ras G - Late Night Hype Outro (Leaving Records/Stones Throw)
The Heliocentrics – Mysterious Ways (Now Again Records)
Adrian Younge Presents Ghostface Killah - The Return Of Ghostface Killah (Soul Temple)
Adrian Younge Presents Ghostface Killah - The Catastophe (Soul Temple)
Valerie June - You Can't Be Told (Sunday Best)

For Some We Loved - Dorothy Ashby (Cadet Records)
Armani Slums - Electric Sea Spider (This Thing)
Blossom Dance Feat. Kirk's - Silent Jay (CDr)
Spooky Sport - Jonti (Stone Throw)
Ainslie Wills - Mary (Ainslie Wills Music)
All I Think About (Part 1) - Oscar Key Sung (Turntable Kitchen)
The 1000th Eye Of The Cyclops - Kazeaux Oslo (White)
Dragon - Clever Austin (Wondercore Island Mixtape) (White)
How To Make A Ring – Cosima (White)
Dipper - Electric Sea Spider (This Thing)

Schreyer & Bartoli – I Know My Way (White)
The Dames Brown – Soul Fly (Ampliphonic Records)
The Rift Valley Brothers – Mu Africa (Soundway Records)
Cottam – Ire (Soundofspeed Records)
JBs – My Brother (Mojo)
The J.B.'s - The Grunt (King)
Public Enemy - Don't Believe The Hype (Def Jam)
Kode9 – Kan (Hyperdub)

Sapo de Manga – Lechuga Zafiro (Cómeme)
Tumba Francesca – Camaguey (Soul Jazz Records)