CD Released On: Jan 25, 2005
Released By: Vega Records

release description

To top his last musical project, the life-affirming solo album 'Elements of Life' and his Elements of Life band's subsequent live tour, NYC producer/visionary Vega had to reach deep. 'Extensions' is the next step in his musical journey, continuing the themes from 'Elements of Life' but taking the songs to new levels by inviting remixers like DJ Spinna, Jazzy Jeff, Kenny Dope and Joe Claussell to reinterpret. The set also contains new songs from Louie and crew like the Latin-jazz tinged "Love is On the Way," another uplifting collaboration with soulful house heroes Blaze. Vega also contributes a loving and creative remake of Candido's song "Thousand Finger Man" on 'Extensions.' It's a fitting song for Vega to cover because he seems to be a man of a million fingers himself, with each digit controlling another element of his emotional outpouring of music.