This Is What Radio Should Sound Like

CD  Released On: Oct 05, 2004
Released By: Five Six Media

release description

The title of this compilation is a bold statement but label owner and all around music provocateur King Britt is definitely one to hear out. The label recently released a 12" single from soul diva Jody Watley, completely updating her sound to make it soulful and modern and also brought the space-age soul of Spacek to life with some very cool remixes. Those tracks are joined with cuts from Sylk 130 and Scuba, two of King Britt's many aliases and the result is a unique set of music that spans the map of soul, pop and electronic sounds. This is what radio should sound like indeed and listening to this set sounds like a one hour radio show (luckily without commercials) and gives a glimpse into a future where the airwaves are more open minded and King Britt is our DJ du jour.