Come To Mama

12" Released On: Jan 01, 1970
Released By: Hidden Beach

release description

Known for her captivating vocals and signature blend of ragtime jazz, hip hop and soul, Lina has established herself as one of the most unique soul singers today. While elements of her sound are pure R&B, Lina counts jazz legends Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughn among her influences. She also brings her classical operatic background which makes her music a truly singular experience. She has worked with artists from Guru to Herbie Hancock and now this Southern girl is out to conquer the world herself.

The first track on this promo-only 12-inch is "Come to Mama," a playful yet sultry track that invokes the glamour and charm of the early twentieth century big band era, but with a distinctively modern approach. Lina comes out strong with themes like empowerment, particularly on "I Am," her anthem for everyone "in the struggle." The song features subtle violins floating in the background as Lina works in the upper echelons of her vocal range.