By Day By Night

CD Released On: Oct 26, 2004
Released By: ABB Soul

release description

Following the sensation of Peven Everett's highly successful soul debut Studio Confessions, ABB Soul and vocalist Lizz Fields team up to release her debut album 'ByDayByNight' in North America on October 26th, 2004. The album was released in 2003 in the UK and Japan and has sold over 15,000 units to date. This new version of 'ByDayByNight' features two new exclusive tracks as well as two remixes by DJ Spinna (Beyond Real Productions/ Mary J. Blige, Donnie, Les Nubians) and Fusion Unlmtd. (G Unit, Skillz, Truth E Nola, and Musiq).

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Lizz Fields has been making music since her days at the famed Philadelphia Creative & Performing Arts High School where stars like Amel Lerriuex, The Roots, and Boys II Men sharpened their talents. Her training and education there went on to help her land countless parts in plays in and around Philadelphia; most notably the role of Sister in the hit play "Sparkle" which won her the coveted Barrymore award for Best Supporting Actress. Since then, Lizz has been hard at work performing across the globe at small venues and huge festivals alike, all the while infusing her performances with the same quality of energy and passion found on 'By Day By Night.'

'ByDayByNight' is an album made up of instrumental sounds, rhythms and strong vocal riffs that are at once extremely jazzy but at the same time original in tone and cadence. As Lizz relates her own tales to the listener, you feel at once a part of the song and also realize that you haven't heard anything like this with a voice so sultry and smooth. You might suspect this to be a Billie Holiday and A Tribe Called Quest collaboration but no, you just heard Lizz Fields' debut album. The North American October release will feature four new compositions and remixes of favorites like "I Gotta Go" by DJ Spinna (Beyond Real Productions/ Mary J Blige, Donnie, Les Nubian) and "When I See Love" by Fusion Unlmtd. (G-Unit, Skillz, Musiq). The new songs will be added to crowd approved composures like "Star Gazer," the bass heavy "Hey," and favorites like "Say the Word" and "Selfish Tendencies."