Simply Good Music Volume Two

CD Released On: Mar 22, 2005
Released By: Giant Step Records

release description

Simply Good Music is a listening series made by music people for like-minded listeners open to new sounds. The Giant Step family has more than 15 years of experience exposing new artists and programming fresh tunes that are the perfect accompaniment for modern life. For the second volume, co-founder of Giant Step, Maurice Bernstein enlisted fellow Giant Stepper Adam Kurzawa and the pair handpicked thirteen songs that create a snapshot of the best artists making soulful music today. Global grooves sound sultry when Bebel Gilberto, Brazilian Girls and Los Amigos Invisibles do their thing. Soulful cuts are contributed by Raphael Saadiq, Lizz Fields and Giant Step's new siren Tiombe Lockhart. The peak moments of the disc come from RSL with their dance floor stunner "The Mast" and "Ever After," a jazzy number done together by Atlanta artists Jiva VS Seek.



"Pick this compilation up if you want to check the many directions of modern soul music. Legendary New York label Giant Step have cherry-picked the best grooves from around the country and around the world." — Peter Nicholson

"Giant Step continues to hold it down delivering an irresistible musical journey that far surpasses its predecessor. The 13-song set encourages discerning music lovers to continually pursue and discover the seemingly endless treasure-trove of innovative quality" — Craig Roseberry, BPM