Adani & Wolf

CD Released On: Jan 25, 2005
Released By: Rendezvous Entertainment

release description

Adani & Wolf are Roberto Adani and Daniël Wolf, the producers behind the indie success story of Praful's 'One Day Deep' album. The duo came together in the late 90s to launch Project 2000, an award-winning drum & bass-crossover band whose music was used on TV in the UK and US and since then perfected and widened their sound in the studio.

On their self-titled album, Adani & Wolf delve deep into the heritage of South European and Latin American music: Playful yet soulful grooves with Spanish lyrics and an atmosphere that reminds the listener of those romantic late 60s black & white French and Italian movies. The album features legendary guitarist Ernest Ranglin who played with Bob Marley and Prafulhimself. From the jazzy beats of "Daylight" to the ambient-ish "Sensing Some Kind Of Presence," to the funky beats of "Yesterday's Shadow," and the warm keyboards of "Onto The Light," Adani & Wolf is full of lilting melodies accompanied by voices that cut straight to the soul.