My Mother & Father Were Astronauts

CD Released On: Feb 15, 2005
Released By: Counterflow Records

release description

Seven Star is a passionate MC who speaks from the heart and has yet to disappoint anyone in listening range. For those who have never heard Seven's music or do not have a record player, this is a collection of old, present, and previously unreleased material. This mini album not only features new tracks, but includes all of the tracks from his first two 12-inch only releases: the Avatar 12-inch with Seth P. Brundel (Counterflow release CF002) and the John Doe Lamarckian 12-inch (produced by Manuvers and Induce). 'My Mother and Father Were Astronauts' features production by Manuvers, Induce, Square4 (currently working with A Touch of Jazz), Shift (of Climber) and others.