The Inner Beauty Movement

CD Released On: Jun 28, 2005
Released By: Hidden Beach / Epic

release description

Texas born and bred, Lina broke into the industry as a songwriter, penning hits for R&B artists before getting her own record deal. Lina's first release introduced her sexy old-school vocal stylings to the public and garnered comparisons to Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday. Her latest songs possess a vintage groove as well, paying homage to swing and ragtime. "Come to Mama" has a sweet soul feel with vocals verging on a whisper. "Around the World" is a duet with gritty soul singer Anthony Hamilton and the two play off each other with ease. The buzz single "Come to Mama" will lead into "Smooth," which you can check out below. 'The Inner Beauty Movement' proves she is an artist with her own vision and the courage to take risks in order to make unique music that represents what's inside of her, the inner beauty within.