Surrounded By Silence

CD Released On: Mar 22, 2005
Released By: Warp Records

release description

In Prefuse's own words:

"This album is a collection of collaborations between those I respect musically as well as those who I share personal friendships with. The master plan was to put different people together on a track who usually wouldn't be, at least as far as a Prefuse 73 project is concerned. Although I mixed almost as many instrumentals as collaborations, I want people to hear what I've always wanted to hear on top of my music. I had so many that I had to shave off about an hour's worth of music. Some of the other collaborations that went down were - Tunde from TV On The Radio, Madlib, Diplo, Four Tet, Mia Doi Todd, among others, all of whose songs I hope to release in some form in the near future.