CD Released On: Apr 26, 2005
Released By: Megaforce / Ryko

release description

In 1994, an unlikely hit called "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)" hit radio waves and launched the career of the platinum selling group Us3. Geoff Wilkinson is the English producer and beat-scientist behind the project who was definitely onto something with his jazz-meets-rap cut and paste musical style. The latest incarnation of Us3 features the South African born singer Mpho Skeef giving the album a sultry and sassy groove in the vein of Soul II Soul or Incognito. Brooklyn MC Reggi Wyns rhymes on the record too and he and Skeef often play off each other in a musical conversation. Though past Us3 albums relied heavily on the use of cool vintage jazz samples, 'questions' is made up of all original music played by live musicians. When everyone comes together, Us3 fuses the rhythms of Latin jazz and the grooves of neo-soul, creating a modern sound as modern and surprising as their very first hit.



"A very mature album of contemporary jazz-influenced urban sounds. With its beautiful fusion of Latin, R&B, acid jazz, African beats, hip-hop and funk, 'Questions' is an eclectic mix of culture, genres and attitudes." —

"Heavily jazz-influenced with a big R&B vibeÅ  soulful and groovy with horns and sassy rapping. Love it." — Upside Magazine

"Us3 have two new vocalists with super sexy stylish Mpho laying exquisite jazz-funk vocals and Brooklyn born and bred Reggi Wyns flexing his jazzy Tribe style raps. It's all about positivity, peace and soul that makes this album uplifting and really smooth." —