Verve Remixed 3

Sampler 12" Released On: Apr 05, 2005
Released By: Verve Records

release description

The acclaimed 'Verve Remixed' series returns with another strong album that takes classic songs from Verve's unparalleled archives and turns them into modern day masterpieces.

Since its debut in 2002, Verve // Remixed has paired some of the world's most adventurous DJs and producers with some of the best jazz music in history. Verve // Remixed 3 continues the series' mission of shaping jazz into vital contemporary music with a new lineup of all-star beat-makers. Take, for instance, Sarah Vaughan's "Fever" which, in the hands of Adam Freeland, becomes a head nodding and hip shaking track with a thumping, relentless rhythm. Jumpin' jack jive piano riffs tussle with snake like horns while Vaughan's breathy release makes this an inimitable, lusty jazz come-on. Under the guise Sugardaddy, Tom Findlay from Groove Armada and producer/vocalist Tim Hutton, turn Shirley Horn's "Come Dance With Me" into a twilight house joint perfect for late night sets. Flip the disc for a delightful reworking of "Sing Sing Sing" by the Manchester production trio RSL who set dance floors ablaze in 2004 with the hits "Wesley Music" and "The Mast." Tapping into a motley mix of styles such as big band strut, scatting be-bop funk and twisting Latin jazz, RSL turn the song into a classy feel good dance track. This sampler 12" wraps up with the Lyrics Born remix of Jimmy Smith's "Stay Loose." Known for the robust rhymes he delivers as part of the Quannum collective, Lyrics Born is one of indie hip-hop's most charismatic MCs. His mix comes with a funky barrage of drums, brassy horn stabs and hip-shakin' organ riffs, creating a jam smothered with Smith's own saucy blues-beat poetry.