Unconditional Love

12" Released On: Feb 28, 2005
Released By: Wonderwax

release description

DJ Spinna uses his Wonderwax label to introduce Selan, a talented keyboardist who's been playing behind the scenes for far too long.

As Selan started to make a name for himself as an upcoming session/live keyboardist on the New York scene & abroad in the late 90s, a couple of notable musicians/friends nicknamed him "Selonius Funk" after the late, great Thelonius Monk. Not that they were putting him on the same legendary status, but rather his unique & unorthodox approach to music itself was reminiscent of Thelonius in its own way. DJ Spinna is one of the people that has recognized this Queens native's talent and essentially given him the opportunity to shine on his own.

Selan's talents may be in your DJ crate already without you knowing it. He's played keys on some of the biggest remixes in recent years from DJ Spinna's reworking on Agent K's "Rideaway Getaway" to the Masters At Work remix of Nina Simone's "See-Line Woman." Stepping out from his session work and focusing more on his singer/songwriter future, "Unconditional Love" sees Selan teaming up with DJ Spinna on production for a deep and gripping number that doubles as a solid dance floor cut and an entrancing soul tune. It's evident that the man who taught himself to play piano at age three has a bright future ahead of him and this single is just the beginning.