Love Sessions

EP Released On: Mar 29, 2005
Released By: Mr. Kuku

release description

As a young boy in Lagos, Nigeria (homeland of Afrobeat pioneer Fela), KUKU dreamed of playing pro basketball in America. His quest took him to the U.S. but his time was spent as a minimum wage fast-food employee and a club bouncer while working to get a college degree. A natural singer and songwriter, KUKU's acoustic soul music pays homage to his two life experiences. He embraces the folk music of America but traditional African Yoruba rhythms seep in too. Even more impressive is that Love Sessions' free creative expression is being released via his own label. Fans of Ben Harper, Terry Callier and Al Green will find calm through the voice and soothing sound of KUKU. Tracks like "Love" and "It's Alright to Sing so Blue" are stripped down to their essence and deliver a warm and intimate vibe.



"If this EP doesn't increase your appetite for what's to come from KUKU, then music is really not your thing. If subsequent projects from KUKU improves and follows on the format of "LOVE SESSIONS"" — Martin Jessy Jefferson (