The Now

CD Released On: May 10, 2005
Released By: Rasa Music

release description

When two different experiences intersect, it can make for emotional and intriguing art and Suphala is a musician whose work is a wild mixture of culture and sound. Born in Indian and raised in America, Suphala stays connected to her homeland as a serious student of the tabla, a classical Indian instrument. She trained with the world's best and broke ground as a female playing an instrument usually reserved only for men. 'The Now,' represents her many influences by pooling the energy of Indian rhythms, downtempo electronic beats, free jazz and hip-hop. Suphala's talent drew the attention of 4Hero, Norah Jones, Perry Ferrell from Jane's Addiction and Timbaland - all of whom asked her to collaborate on special projects. Suphala makes music that delivers a passionate, powerful message that needs no translation.



"She appears at first to be a delicate flower, but once her mesmerising hands begin to beat those drums she becomes a steady venus groove trap." — Lady Ms. Kier (Dee-Lite)

"After I heard this record for the first time, it pissed me off that I didn't get to play on it. it's pretty awesome... very sensual... the shape , the texture.... gets me turned on, quite a bit, actually." — Michael Bland (drummer for Prince & the NPG)

"Suphala creates a sound that surrounds and stimulates." — Vikter Duplaix

"Suphala is as dynamic as she is beautiful and as talented as she is dedicated. Extraordinary!" — Vernon Reid (Living Colour)