Love Is The Answer

2-CD Released On: Jul 26, 2005
Released By: Ninja Tune

release description

Not a newcomer to the music scene, Los Angeles native Dwight Trible has worked with everyone from Bobby Hutcherson and Charles Lloyd to Harry Belafonte. He is the vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet and is also the vocal director for the Los Angeles instituition, the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. Continuing on this remarkable career, on Love Is The Answer, Dwight worked with Carlos Niño of Ammon Contact for your listening pleasure). Nino enlisted the likes of SA-RA Creative Partners, Madlib, Daedelus, members of Platinum Pied Pipers, Jay Dee and more to provide the backing on which Dwight's message could be heard.

Dwight Trible's Love Is The Answer is a record of unique sounds that could only come from this inter-generational collaboration. From "Equipoise"where SA-RA revisit 80s synth funk and give it their signature loping twist, through "Freedom Dance" with its Stetsasonic-meets-Fela vibe, from the sheer oddness of Madlib's "Waves of Infinite Harmony", to the beautiful "Constellations," Love Is the Answer is a record which truly believes that "love is the answer" to the world's ills. And perhaps it is.

"Love Is the Answer" is a 2CD set, with disc 2containing instrumental versions of select songs on disc 1.