Chill Out Venezuela Volume 1

CD Released On: Apr 15, 2005
Released By: Gozadera Records

release description

'Chill Out Venezuela Vol.1' is the first electronic music compilation entirely produced by talented venezuelans, who until now, had escaped their national record label's radars. Produced by Los Amigos Invisibles, through their label Gozadera Records, the compilation gathers 18 songs from genres like bossa-nova, trip-hop, lounge and other forms of electronic music. "being able to unite 18 excellent venezuelan productions created solely by pure artistic exploration and not made to catch any media attention, is a symptom that we are witnessing the birth of a new venezuelan musical scene, it is now on the hands of the media to notice what is going on. Los amigos are proud of being a part of this phenomenon that does not believe in record labels, tv stations or magic wands...‿ said jose luis pardo, guitar player for los amigos invisibles who was in charge of organizing the compilation. 'Chill Out Venezuela Vol.1' features music by Tribu Ultravioleta, Todosantos, Gods New Version, Masseratti 2lts, Le Pico, DJ Afro, Panas, KP9000, Submarino, Yare, Santos Club, Garnica, Retrovertigo, La original, Le Mer M, Dios Le Pague y Tulio Chuecos.