CD Released On: Jun 21, 2005
Released By: Echo / World's Fair

release description

The thing with us is that we're just different. We don't sound like The White Stripes. We don't sound like Coldplay. We don't sound like anything current. We don't do it deliberately. It's just the way our music turns out. We're not like anyone else."

Harking back to the shoe gazing and space/art rock sounds of the '90s, the Engineers' sound grows on you with every listen. While influenced by bands like the Beta Band, Air and Slowdive, the Engineers have managed to masterfully create a unique sound. Blending lush melodies, electronic drums, live drums and atmospherics tones like a skilled painter, the Engineers have forged their own highly original, deeply intense, utterly original sonic masterpiece.



"The cream of the recent crop of new bands" — NME

"Your new favorite band: Engineers" — URB

"4 Stars "stark, placid beauty"" — Q

"Here to give Manc rock a cerebral shot in the arm" — Rock Sound

"This is the music that dreams are made of." —