Sun & Moon

CD Released On: Jul 02, 2005
Released By: P-Vine Records (Japan)

release description

After years in the making Jiva's full-length album has finally seen the light of the day. The Japanese-only 'Sun & Moon' includes classic Jiva tracks like "Stars," "I Realized," "Love Chooses Lovers" and remixes of "Stars" by Tom & Joyce and Louie Vega that brings back memories of Nuyorican Soul. Sun & Moon conjures R&B, House, Bossa Nova, and Drum & Bass beats that can move any crowd while the soulful vocal 4-piece section harkens back Brazil '66 and the 5th Dimension. After all the fan accolades and strong press including a favorable write-up from Bobbito in VIBE magazine, Jiva have mastered a unique sound that is a refreshing take on today's soul music.