The Essence Of Soul

CD Released On: Aug 09, 2005
Released By: Polar Entertainment / Groove Attack

release description

Known in the independent rap world for his production skills, J Rawls has worked with everyone from Masta Ace, The Beastie Boys, Wordsworth, Jonell, Us3, Black Star, Venus Malone and J Sands, who he works with as one half of Ohio's underground hip-hop group Lone Catalysts. With his earliest recollection of hip-hop from movies such as Wild Style and Beat Street and influenced by Madlib, Pete Rock and Jay Dee, J Rawls has always produced and made music he has loved. Taking that love one step further J Rawls made his solo debut with The Essence of J Rawls. Now in 2005, J Rawls is back again with his second solo album, The Essence of Soul and the lead single "Bailar," which is already being played out by DJs Michael "Soulpatrol" Rutten (Compost Records) and Yannick (Needs (Not Wants)).

"Bailar," is a mid-tempo Latin infused dance track that features the vocals of Aloe Blacc, who made his Stones Throw debut in February. Flip the record over to indulge in "Soul (Again & Again)", a soulful slow tempo groove track featuring Middle Child. Once finished, flip the record back over for a second listen, where with each spin, you will witness that J Rawls really manages to capture the essence of soul.



"This is the sound of the summer 2005 - "Bailar" all night long. In the bag, in the charts, in the radio and everywhere. A big one!"" — Michael "Soulpatrol" Rütten (Compost Records)

"This is one bad tune, love it!! Just awesome and very original, making you smile. It's already an anthem at Lazy, not kidding!" — Yannick (Needs (Not Wants))