More Shine

CD Released On: Oct 04, 2005
Released By: Fuerte Group

release description

Everybody needs more shine in their life and New York City's Si*Sé offer sparkles through their rhythms. "More Shine" is the band's second album and it delivers lush electronic songs drenched with Latin sounds and the siren voice of singer Carol C who sings in English and Spanish. The melting pot of a group formed four years ago when singer/DJ Carol C met producer/keyboardist U.F.L.O.W., the crew released their debut album to much underground acclaim in 2003.

'More Shine' is the next phase of Si*Sé and the edges are smoother, the tunes tighter and the vibe more atmospheric. Each track tells an urban tale of people trying to connect amidst the chaos of city life. Shades of samba, flamenco and bossa nova beats are sprinkled throughout the album giving it an exotic feel (check "Mariposa En Havana" and "Amiga"). The strings add a sadness and depth to cuts like "I Wanna Know," the title track and "Karma," but Carol C always sounds hopeful and songs end on a positive note.