CD Released On: Aug 23, 2005
Released By: Yellow Productions / Tommy Boy

release description

Equal parts bossa nova, afrobeat and jazz with a splash of French chanson, 'Antigua' is a beautiful fragant cocktail that gets better with every listen.

Evoking soothing images of balmy beaches, Parisian cafes, and breezy summer Sunday afternoons, Parisian duo Tom (Thomas Naim) and Joy (Joyce Hozé-Liwer) create beautiful and emotionally honest modern Brazilian music. Inspired by Jobim and João Gilberto and more contemporary producers and DJs, such as the celebrated Jazzanova, Phil Asher, Neon Phusion and Rainer Trüby, Tom & Joy forged their reputation in 1999 with the authentic bossa track "Val Minha Tristeza." Since then, this bossa nova duo continue to create music that is a delight to the senses.

Their new release, Antigua, opens with the intoxicatingly sweet "Meditation," originally written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and later adapted and sung by Claudine Longet in the late sixties. Moving on to the Portuguese "Imagina," the album begins to unfold, revealing one subtly exotic song after the next. From afro-rhythms by legendary drummer Tony Allen (formerly of Fela Kuti's band) on "Antigua," to the jazz and pop funk of "Out of My Mind", Tom and Joy clearly love and live for a sunny spectrum of music. It is this love that creates a modern, cosmopolitan album, rich in variety, influence, musicianship and personality.