The Antidote

CD Released On: Sep 27, 2005
Released By: Echo / World's Fair

release description

Over the years we have prided ourselves in promoting music and artists who we believe in passionately. We are now proud to present you with the latest chapter in Morcheeba's musical legacy, a band that we have been involved with since 1995, starting with 'Who Can you Trust?' Though their name is synonymous with the downtempo grooves of trip-hop, their new album is a change in direction entirely. After inspiring a movement that introduced Air and Zero 7 and brought recognition to Massive Attack and Tricky, Morcheeba's architects, The Godfrey Brothers, made a bold move and worked with vocalist Daisy Martey of the group Noonday Underground taking Morcheeba's sound in a more psychedelic and nouveau rock direction.

Martey has a dynamic range and knows how to create a powerful song and it's apparent in her smooth delivery. 'The Antidote' is full of tunes that offer up a soulful cure for electronic music doldrums. Recorded live, cuts like "Wonders Never Cease" embrace instrumentation and abandon programmed drums, creating a feeling of urgency within the song. In Morcheeba's case, change was the missing piece of the puzzle and the new sound is the solution. Melodic and intense, the new project marries Morcheeba's trademark sultry sounds with a raw rock energy.