CD Released On: Sep 06, 2005
Released By: Wrasse Records

release description

'Cru', Seu Jorge's international debut is a marvel: gentle songs, passionately delivered. Sophisticated and surprising. Intimate and raw. 'Cru' heralds an extraordinary talent. Seu's voice, guitar and the Brazilian "cuica" drum tell the many stories: ironic, witty, but always heartfelt. "I will never make a cerebral or intellectual record. I make records for the people to touch their hearts."

Its lyrics range from the political commitment of "Eu sou Favela" to the words of love of "Tive Razao". A tense cover of Gainsbourg's "Chatterton" investigates the 17-year old poets suicide in 18th century England. A stunning take on Elvis's "Don't" is at the precipice of emotional collapse. While "Mania de Peitao" rails against the pandemic of silicone breast implants. "I am a Brazilian musician. But I don't play Brazilian-style music. I hope people hear that," he says.



"Intoxicating" — Q Magazine

"as effortless as it is intense" — Straight No Chaser