Throw Down Your Arms

CD Released On: Oct 04, 2005
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As one of the most gifted and influential recording artists of the past two decades, Sinéad O'Connor's reputation as a lyricist, songwriter, singer and performer has time and time again delivered her to a receptive and diverse audience. As one of the first "rock" musicians to record with hip-hop artists and one of the very first to have singles remixed by electronic acts, Sinéad has always pushed the envelope musically by drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of sounds. This keen artistic vision has seen her fan base evolve and consistently embrace her pioneering spirit and musical diversity.

Taking that diversity one step forward is Throw Down Your Arms, Sinéad's upcoming collection of Roots Reggae's most compelling songs. Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica spring 2005 with the legendary production team Sly and Robbie, Throw Down Your Arms boasts inspirational Roots Reggae songs from the 1970s by the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Lee Perry and others. Featuring many of the internationally recognized musicians who played on the original versions, Sinéad reclaims these timeless standards and makes them her own to create a whole new universally resounding statement about spirituality and the everlasting power of the music. Her most intriguing release to date, Throw Down Your Arms will continue to reinforce Sinéad's significance as a genre-free revolutionary.