The Loving Sounds of Static

CD Released On: Aug 09, 2005
Released By: Ghostly International

release description

'Loving Sounds of Static' is an uncommonly earnest songbook about growing up, the inevitability of change and the static that occurs between public and private, imagination and possibility, machine and instrument. Musically, the record finds the band at their best, soldering hard-hitting drums and expansive guitars to the gorgeous electronics that garnered so much praise for the City Vs Country EP; lyrically it is a thoughtful study of the ebb and flow of relationships and the landscape of daily life.

Mobius Band distinguishes itself with a sincerity that has long been forgotten amidst the hype and insubstantial grandiosity of new music. "I see it happening, again and again," intones Ben Sterling on opener "Detach"; this loaded statement parallels the major changes recently faced by the band following a move from rural Massachusetts to New York City. "Close the Door" reveals a remarkable combination of elegant electronics and darkly honest lyrics that build to a chilling climax, and even the deceptively playful-sounding "Twilight" exposes a wry take on the corruption of the modern world.

Fine-tuned during extensive sessions with Peter Katis (Interpol) at his Tarquin Studios, The Loving Sounds of Static is truly a landmark, not only for Mobius Band and Ghostly International, but for anyone who has experienced the emotional friction that accompanies a coming of age.



"Near flawless in their execution, [Mobius Band] is at once traditional and progressive, easy to listen to, and difficult to ignore." — Pitchfork Media

"... after the release of their full-length, you'll find yourself nudging your way to the front through a thick crowd of newly-christened fans the next time Mobius Band makes their way to your city." — Vapors

"Much has been made over the self-conscious rise of "Indietronica" in past years, but there's something genuine in Mobius Band's union with avant-techno label Ghostly International."" — BPM