In This Life Together

CD Released On: Sep 20, 2005
Released By: Hidden Beach Recordings

release description

Building on the sentiments touched on by its predecessor, 'In This Life Together' is a more intimate and candid look at what happens when life intrudes on love. Grown and sexy is one thing; juggling work, our personal lives, and additional obligations is quite another. Sharing the wisdom gleaned from being married for seven years and with three young children, Kindred is crafting its own contemporary, urban love story for the 21st Century, one that many couples will relate to.

Writing lyrics and co-producing some of the tracks, Kindred collaborated with familiar and new faces on 'In This Life Together' to help hone the album's real-life, we-feel-you-vibe. Among the familiar faces from the first album: Elise Perry ("Far Away") and Anthony Bell ("Surrender to Love"). Among the new: Perry's 21-year-old understudy Kristin Price and Ronnie Tyson. Production veterans Easy Mo Bee and Dinky Bingham are also on board.